Pink Silicone Phone Holder + Adapter for Concept 2 PM3 & PM4 Models

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Compatible With Pm3 Monitors And Pm4 Monitors Of The Concept 2 Rower: Includes adapter for the PM3 and PM4 Monitors and a silicone phone cradle. The adapter will fit directly on top of the monitor and the phone cradle on top of the adapter. The adapter is made of strong ABS to keep the phone holder steady while rowing. 


Patent Pending Design: The ribs in the phone holder are designed to support the device and prevent the power and volume buttons from being pressed. This is THE product that’s been missing from your workout! Make your workouts more enjoyable by watching videos on your smartphone while you row. This product is compatible with the Concept 2 Rowing Machine PM3 and PM4 monitors. 

Silicone Quality Material(Phone Holder Portion Only): As one of the best alternatives to plastic, the phone holder is made out of silicone which is highly durable, flexible, easy to clean, and recyclable. 

Easy To Use: Flexible hook-like shape allows for tight hold of most smartphones. The product measures 5" x 3.75" x 2.75" and has a built-in bridge to prevent the buttons from being pressed down while in place. No need to remove your protective case before using. This product is NOT designed for the PM5 monitor.