Red 3.5" Wide Deadlift Wedge

Regular price $39.99

  • WIDEST WEDGE ON THE MARKET: At 3.5" wide, this is the widest deadlift wedge on the market. Wider wedge means more stability and more confidence when adding heavy weights.
  • COMES IN 3 COLORS: Our product comes in three different colors: red, black and pink. 
  • PROTECT YOUR BACK: This product makes it easier to load and offload the bumper plates from your barbell. It puts less stress on your back. Ideal for round bumper plates.
  • TIME SAVER: Once loaded, the barbell will not move. You don't have to waste time keeping an eye on your bar to make sure it didn't move or might injure someone.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used for different lifts such as deadlifts, squat cleans, power cleans and more. Each wedge has a little hole that enables you to conveniently hang it in your home gym.


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