Yellow Silicone Seat Cover Designer for the Water Rower

Regular price $49.99


Long Distance Comfort: The silicone cover will give you extra comfort over the long distance rows. You will feel a big difference after your 10k row compared to rowing with only the original seat. If you are looking for a thick cushion to make your short row more enjoyable, this is not the right product for you.


Molded to Fit All WaterRowers Except for A1 Model: We took a 3D scan of the rowing machine seat, which enabled us to make a product that is the exact shape as the seat. It slides over from the top down. This rowing machine seat cover will not fit over A1 home and A1 studio models from the WaterRower.


Stylish and Brings Your Rower to Life: Not only does this seat cover increase comfort on your long rows, but it also brightens up your rower. The seat cover comes in four colors: yellow, pink, orange and black. It will fit on the Ergatta Rower.


100% Silicone: This means the seat cover is malleable and not fragile. The silicone gives the seat a grippy texture, which is very helpful during your long rows. It is also effortless to clean with a bit of water and soap.