Why Silicone?


What Are the Benefits of Using Silicone?

Silicone rubber is one of the most commonly used synthetic rubbers on the market. It is composed of silicone bonded with hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen to create cross-linked polymers reinforced with silica. The result is a unique synthetic elastomer that offers the ideal balance of mechanical and chemical characteristics for the most useful applications.
  • Durability: Silicone is highly durable and retains its shape and flexibility in extreme conditions, making it a particularly reliable material for use in critical applications.
  • Recyclable: Can be recycled multiple times without losing much of its structural integrity. A great plastic alternative!
  • Easy To Clean: Silicone rubber can withstand high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and radiation exposure required with FDA regulated sterilization methods, making it a useful medical-grade material. Get away yucky germs!
  • Flexibility and Traction: Ability to stretch or bend to be compatible with other products and have a grip to hold securely in place.
  • Color Friendly: Silicone rubber is easy to color prior to the manufacturing process. Which means we can offer a variety of color options to fit your palette and personality!


With all the great benefits listed above, silicone is our material of choice for our fitness accessories. We are constantly innovating traditional and new products with a silicone twist. 

Take the Vapor challenge and replace your plastic accessories with silicone!